A unique and exclusive surgical learning experience for veterinarians

Academy Spain

Develop your confidence with surgical spays at the most supportive training course in Europe.

Bringing confidence to routine surgery

Veterinarians often struggle to achieve surgical competence and this undermines their confidence in their skills.

Why we struggle


1/ Lack of opportunities

In many countries, due to the structure of clinical practice, you don’t even have the opportunity to practise surgery.

2/ Lack of support

When you don’t have adequate support, you don’t feel good about practising new surgeries on your patients completely alone.

3/ Not enough cases

Even when you do have the ability and knowledge to perform surgery, sometimes cases are not frequent enough for you to feel like you are keeping your skills up to date.

The “No Experience Cycle”

In a busy practice, it is common for surgeries to be completed by the most experienced vets, as this is the most time efficient, with best outcomes. This starts a cycle where inexperienced vets do not have the chance to improve.

The course experience

Spay Academy Spain is an immersive and intensive experience lasting for 5 days in an incredibly sympathetic environment. You will be supported throughout the course by two highly experienced tutors who will help you develop your skills.

Around You

We provide a supportive and relaxed learning environoment.

With you

You will have two experienced tutors available to guide you.

For you

You are responsible for each procedure from start to finish.

More than just a training course

You will be going through a unique experience in Medina del Campo, Spain, helping the international rescue centre Scooby that specialises in rescuing Spanish Greyhounds. You will be able to perform surgery with the high standards and conditions you would expect to find in UK private clinical practice.

The only training course in Europe

An opportunity to experience vibrant Spanish culture.

Perform surgery on your own

You will be the only surgeon doing surgery on your patient, as expected in UK practice.

Do multiple surgeries in the week

Delegates will average 8 surgeries during the course and have the opportunity to practise others, such as castrations.

High standards for each surgery

Fully operational and equipped theatre room with top conditions, as you find in UK private practice.

Full support from our tutors

From a bit of reassurance to gowning up and digging in to help, our tutors are always there for when you need them.



We are running the attendance courses in Spain again 🙂

The next dates are:

– 6th – 10th September 2021

– 6th – 10th December 2021

Very limited vacancies as we have attendees from last year already booked in!

Travel, stay and meals

The course takes place in Medina del Campo, about 2 hours Northwest of Madrid. Medina can be reached by train or bus and is a 2-hour drive from Madrid’s airport. 

We will help you book accommodation at a local hotel, but the hotel is not included in the course fees. 

We will offer you lunch at the refuge. Diner is not included in the course fees but you can expect good food and good company in Spain.

How to Book a Course


Pick the date that suits you best.


2/ Pre-Book

If the course is on pre-booking, it means that registrations are still closed. Leave your contact details and you gain exclusive access to the pre-registration at a discounted rate.

3/ Pre-Register

Anyone that has pre-booked the course gets priority access to registrations. If you want to book a course that is on pre-registration, you will have to join the waiting list and see if there are vacancies left during the registration stage.

4/ Registrations

If there are vacancies left after pre-registration, the course opens registrations for any other vets. Vacancies are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Previous courses

Three reasons to join us

Spay Academy Spain offers you a unique and unforgettable experience that you will not be able to repeat anywhere else.


40 hours of training in 5 days

Expert Tutors and high standard working conditions

Supporting charity work

What other vets have said

“Thank you so much for the great course and the great time, Luis and Judy are awesome. This was an excellent experience and an outstanding course!! I have learned so much and I found the course one of the best courses I have attended. I feel so much more comfortable with surgery after only a week, definitely an invaluable experience for my future.”

Clara Garcia

“This course exceeded any expectation that I had. I imagined that the first two days we would be confined to a chair and a desk as our mentors would theoretically talk about different techniques/anaesthetics procedures used in bitch spay. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We arrived at Scooby on Monday and as soon as the brilliant staff brought the first dogs we were doing bitch spays.”

Stefana Trufin

The course was great, I learnt so much from Luis and Judy-they were excellent teachers. I have gone from worrying about spays to now being comfortable in what I am doing and can’t thank them enough.  It was a fun and enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to all.”

Mia Kalyvides

During the course I met lovely people and regarding to improvement and confidence it was great as now I feel confident enough to perform routine surgeries and I know what I’m doing, what I’m looking for and how I have to react and what I have to do when inconveniences happen.”

Olatz Iglesias

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