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Developing skills through safe practice 

Small animal
And exotics Spay Training course

Become skilled, faster and confident in theatre without leaving your home.

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Improve your confidence level in theatre and learn how to spay dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets from anywhere in the world under expert tuition. Inside the course you find:

1 / Principles of Surgery

Understand the foundations of all surgery and specific considerations for neutering surgery in different species.


2/ Principles of Spaying

Learn and practise the different techniques for spaying different animal species safely and correctly (dog, cat, rabbit, ferret).


3/ Patient Focus

How to select patients for the procedure, reduce surgical risk, provide optimal anaesthesia and analgesia to promote animal welfare. Client consent.


4/ Surgeon Focus

What type of mindset preparation the surgeon must go through and how to overcome negative feelings of anxiety and stress in theatre.

5/ Risks and complications

Address common complications of female neutering during the pre-op, surgery and post-op periods. 

Your instructor

Agata Witkowska 

Agata graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2015. She has a passion for surgery and exotic animals and is on the verge of completing the first of her certificates in Zoological Medicine. She is an avid contributor to the profession, having previously spoken at the London Vet Show as well as the annual British Veterinary Zoological Society’s conference, published several articles on exotic animals and frequently contributing to online portals such as Vetstream. She is also a regular host of clinical revision, medical English and communication classes for new vets, UK VetTalks.


Agata is an experienced keeper of exotic animals such as small furries, reptiles as well as invertebrates and shares her house with numerous of such inhabitants. She is eager to share her knowledge and experience with anyone within the profession who might be looking at improving their skills and providing better care for their patients.

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