Frequently asked questions

What are the cancellation conditions?
  • If you pay the deposit but realise you are not able to attend the course, you can re-arrange to take the course at another suitable date for no extra charge (as long as this is done more than 1 month before the due date)
  • Cancellation (by you) more than 2 months before the course: deposit fully refunded
  • Cancellation less than 1 month before the course: 50% of the paid value refunded
  • If a course is postponed due to the pandemic, you will be able to attend any future courses within the following year without price updates (note the normal price of the course is £1320)
What happens if we can't attend because of Covid-19?

We will always strive to promote a safe course. If we don't feel that we can run the course in a way that protects the delegates, the course will be cancelled in advance. This means that you do not need to pay your second fee until the course actually takes place. You are automatically offered a spot in one of the future courses.

What if the course takes place but I'm not able to attend?

In this case we will not be able to provide you a refund unless you find someone to take your place.

Where is the course?

The course takes place at Scooby, which is a rescue centre in Medina del Campo. Medina del Campo is 2 hour-drive to the North of Madrid, and served by a high speed train that connects to Madrid in 1 hour.

How many people are in the course?

There are at most 10 delegates in the course. Delegates are joined by two expert tutors and a veterinary nurse to support them.

Is this a training course?

Yes, this is a training course, where you have the help of two experienced tutors and a veterinary nurse. You will be practising both your surgical skills as well as your anaesthesia skills.

What can I expect from a day at the course?

You will be paired up with another colleague with a similar level of experience. One of you will be performing the surgery and the other will monitor the anaesthesia. You will then swap places. In some cases, you may have a nurse instead to help, in which case the nurse will be responsible for anaesthesia and you will perform surgeries. You will be performing surgery in the morning, starting around 9AM, and in the evening. Evening usually finishes around 7-8PM, depending on how fast the groups are and dog availability. There is a lunch break in the middle of the day. We often start the week with dog castrations so everyone gets used to the anaesthesia and drugs, and then proceed to perform bitch spays.

Can I perform other surgeries?

Depending on requirements and availability, you may also be able to perform other surgeries, such as feline spays. We typically perform dog castrations to kickstart the course and let everyone get used to the environment. The rescue does not typically have male cats for neutering.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Your scrubs, your stethoscope and your most positive attitude!

What sort of conditions should I expect?

We provide the best possible conditions for our delegates. There are 5 surgical tables with lights and anaesthetic machines. We have different IV catheters and surgical material. The spay kits are individually sterilised. You will have sterile gloves, mask and hat available, as well as different suture materials. We have recovery cages next door. You will have two experienced tutors available to help you and, at least, one RVN.

Bear in mind that the weather in Medina del Campo is very different from the weather in the UK and can be extreme and be very cold in the Winter, and very hot in the Summer.

How much does the course cost?

The course normally costs £1320. We are offering special conditions until December 2020 which bring down the total cost of the course to £1050.

Do the course fees include accommodation?

No, the fees do not include accommodation, but we have an agreement with a local hotel that provides discounted rooms to our delegates.

Do the course fees include travel?

No, the fees do not include travel to Medina, but they do include travel between your hotel and the refuge where we do the course.

Are meals included?

Lunch is offered at the rescue centre and is included in the course fees. Dinner is not included in the course fees. Those who are interested in some Spanish food and socialising can get together for dinner out after the course!

What's the best way to get to Medina?

If you are flying in, Madrid is the closest airport. From there, you can take the train or the bus. We can also provide you with further information about travel.

When should I arrive?

The course always starts on a Monday, so we suggest that you arrive on the Sunday before to have enough time to rest and meet the other people.

When can I leave?

We suggest you leave on the Saturday after the course runs, however we understand that some delegates need to take a flight or travel to other places before the weekend, so some participants will leave on the Friday afternoon or after lunch. We can transport you to the train station if you need.

I still have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can email as at or you can arrange a free Q&A session where you answer all your questions.

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