Developing skills through safe practice 

Small animal 
And exotics Spay Training course

Learn and practise spaying surgical techniques in dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets with expert guidance in the comfort and safety of your home.

Next course starts on the 8th of March 2021.

Improve your confidence level in theatre and learn how to spay dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets from anywhere in the world under expert tuition. 

Confidence starts with knowledge

Surgery is such a common procedure in practice, yet so many of us struggle feeling confident with it. We secondguess ourselves, we hesitate, we worry about making a mistake, placing the wrong ligature, cutting the wrong part, and ultimately, that the patient suffers because of our mistake.

We know there are are certain steps we need to overcome this doubting and become fully confident. The very first one is knowledge, followed by experience. It’s not just about knowing what to do intellectually, it’s also incredibly helpful to teach your own body and physical memory.

Developing confidence in surgery

1/ Know the foundations

Before doing surgery, you have to learn what’s important to know about the anatomy, the instruments and the principles of surgery.

2/ Know the procedure

You have to know the steps required to perform the surgical procedure in front of you and how to deal with potential complications.

3/ Practise the physical gestures

Gain physical memory so your body is quick at doing what it takes and you avoid “freezing” during real-life surgical procedures. Develop conscious competence before getting to the level of unconscious competence.

Going “real life”


There is no way to simulate real surgery unless you have a live animal in front of you. But with a live animal you won’t want to try new ways of suturing or ligating. You won’t want to try a different suture material. You want to avoid mistakes, so it’s not the best opportunity to do experiments.

Simulation allows you to overcome that. You are allowed to try something new, different, something you may consider difficult and have to try several times until you get right.

But in order to learn from simulation, you have to get positive feedback and keep improving your technique.

That way you can get it right the first time you have your “real” patient in front of you.

Our Distance-Based Spay Training Course

 At Spay Academy, we believe in developing confidence through experience. Our attendance courses are the ultimate solution, but with COVID-19, it’s not been possible for many international vets to attend our 5-day course in Spain. In the meantime, vets are working every day and struggling with surgical insecurities in their spaying due to the lack of exposure hours and/or support.

So we decided to change that! We are creating a safe alternative to provide hours of surgical development and boost confidence levels safely and conveniently – but always following our value of providing you unwaivering support.

Training Kit

You will receive a training kit that includes surgical instruments, suture material, a silicone pad to train suture patterns and a uterine model to practice your ligation techniques.

Training Course

You have access to a library of content structured in a logical way and using blended learning to allow you to practise your surgical skills, with the signature of UK-based vets with years of experience as surgeons. 


You have access to a private discussion group where you can share your questions and even upload your own videos to ask for feedback on your technique. Share with others and learn from others.

Feedback and Support

You have access to UK-based colleagues with experience in soft tissue surgey and exotics to ask for help and feedback on your technique, as well as learning from them via live demonstrations.

Inside the course

This course runs as a group course with set tasks and discussion events on the community forum. The modules with varied content and demonstration (text, activities, video demonstrations, etc) are added on a weekly basis and are recorded so you can go through them at your own pace. 

Week 1: preparing for surgery – patient selection, risk reduction, client discussion.

Week 2: surgical techniques (part 1) – dogs and cats (including flank approach).

Week 3: surgical technique (part 2) – rabbits and ferrets.

Week 4: addressing surgical complications.

Become skilled, faster and confident in theatre without leaving your home

This 4-week CPD will boost your confidence when you go into theatre and allow you to develop the practical skills required for surgical proficiency and success. 

1 / Principles of Surgery

Understand the foundations of all surgery and specific considerations for neutering surgery in different species.


2/ Principles of Spaying

Learn and practise the different techniques for spaying different animal species safely and correctly (dog, cat, rabbit, ferret).


3/ Patient Focus

How to select patients for the procedure, reduce surgical risk and promote animal welfare.

4/ Risks and complications

Address common complications of female neutering during the pre-op, surgery and post-op periods. 

Your instructor

Agata Witkowska 

Agata graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2015. She has a passion for surgery and exotic animals and is on the verge of completing the first of her certificates in Zoological Medicine. She is an avid contributor to the profession, having previously spoken at the London Vet Show as well as the annual British Veterinary Zoological Society’s conference, published several articles on exotic animals and frequently contributing to online portals such as Vetstream. She is also a regular host of clinical revision, medical English and communication classes for new vets, UK VetTalks.


Agata is an experienced keeper of exotic animals such as small furries, reptiles as well as invertebrates and shares her house with numerous of such inhabitants. She is eager to share her knowledge and experience with anyone within the profession who might be looking at improving their skills and providing better care for their patients.

Practise your surgical cases with expert guidance and gain confidence in your neutering technique in small animals AND exotic species.

Registrations for March are closed.

What’s included

Learning portal and surgical kit

The course content includes a unique surgical kit worth more than £100 that is posted to you, as well as distance-based modules available on our e-learning platform.

Expert tuition and community

To help you with your doubts and questions, you have access to our UK-based colleagues with extensive experience in surgery and exotics and who participate in the private community discussion.

£150 voucher for the attendance course

Joining the distance-based course also allows you to receive a unique £150 voucher to use in one of our very popular 5-day attendance courses, where we do surgery in animal rescue centres.

Is this course for You?

This course is reserved for veterinarians and veterinary students anywhere in the world. It is completely tutored in English.

Improving your CV for the future

If your opportunities to develop surgical skills in practice are limited, this course will help you massively improve your CV for jobs, especially if you want to work in countries like the UK, Canada or USA. Particularly useful for vets working in consulting-only roles but that want to change to a job where they are expected to do surgery.

Starting Out In your first job

Are you a new vet starting your adventure in practice? Still not exposed to a lot of cases, but you want to keep training your suture techniques so you don’t faulter when those cases come in? This course will help you get that.

Returning to Practice

Did you have a break from practice and are worried about picking up your surgical skills again? Would you like to remind yourself of what you can do in a stress-free and highly supported way? This course is the answer.

Our spay training course allows you to develop your technique under expert tuition and supervision, with recommended CPD duration of 10 hours and easy reflection logs for your CPD record.


An extra help

You are helping more animals and vets.

We make a donation to Worldwide Veterinary Services on your behalf of every participant in the course.

Course Dates

The distance-based spay training course runs in cohorts with limited numbers and can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of where you are based.

Please allow for a minimum of 4 weeks before the due course date to make sure you receive your training kit in time for the delivery of the course.

Delivery fees will be added to the cost of the course for non-EU based countries.

Next Course: Starting March 8, 2021. Registrations are closed. 

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the training kit?

Our surgery training kit includes:

  • A case with surgical instruments (needle holder, artery forceps, Adson forceps) and suture material (silk and nylon)
  • A silicone pad with premade incisions
  • A uterine model that includes both ovaries, horns and simple cervix
Do I get to keep the training kit after the course?

Yes you do! It's yours forever! 🙂 

Where can you post my training kit to?

We can post the kit throughout the world, but the costs of postage are not included outside of Europe.

Is this a live course?

This is a mixed content course. Your modules will be delivered weekly and the video demos are not live, but you will have access to an online discussion forum for your questions and even to upload videos if you need guidance during the 4 weeks of the course. That way, you can do it at your own pace.

Do I get access to it after it finishes?

Yes, you have access to the portal and modules for 3 months, but the online community is only live for the 4 weeks of the course. After three months, you access is revoked.

When should I join the course?

We recommend joining at least 4 weeks before the course date to make sure you receive your training kit in time for the course.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we will offer a 25% refund if you cancel your course before it starts. You still get to keep your surgery kit 🙂

Does the course count as CPD?

Yes it does, we provide a CPD certificate upon completion (and a final quiz). We also provide ongoing logs to the 1CPD app using QR codes throughout the course to help you with reflection-based CPD if you are based in the UK.

Does this course cover basic surgery?

Yes, the initial module focuses on principles of surgery and only then we focus on spaying procedures.

What species are approached during the course?

We discuss spaying techniques in dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets.

How do we get expert tuition?...

In several ways! 🙂

  • You have videos with step-by-step instructions to practise your skills
  • You have access to a private community to ask questions to your tutor
How do I prove I'm a vet or a student?

We will be requesting this information during the registration process - your membership number if you are a practising vet, or your university and official university email if you're a student. If you are not able to provide this information, please contact us for alternative arrangements.


Still have questions? Contact us.